Expanding the Creative Pipeline

There is real potential for the Creative industries to build an expanded creative
pipeline. A structure, which utilises existing technology, capitalises on intellectual
property, and grows the talent pipeline. It can achieve this by opening access to new talent, creating a new skills base, supporting freelancers and micro businesses, improving access to finance, and exploiting web distribution.

In 2014 UK Creative Industries exports formed 9% of UK total exports (£37.7bn),
worth £3.3bn. However, £3.3bn of a global market worth £1,106bn is only 0.3%.
By 2020 the global media market is predicted to reach £1,335b – will we still only
have 0.3% or possibly even less?

If we expand our creative pipeline from UK creatives to global audiences we can ensure the latter does not happen, and improve on our 0.3% share.

By creating a digital approach to the five pinch points in the Creative Pipeline it will be possible to unlock the enormous growth potential and productivity of the freelancers and micro-companies, which dominate the creative industries.

In addition, it will provide the opportunity not only for more unicorns to appear within the UK creative industries but also profits to be generated through greater UK
ownership of IP rights.

There is a digital opportunity to ensure this growth continues not only in employment, but market share, productivity, exports, and profitability by expanding the creative pipeline.

The problems, which stand in the way of this expansion can be summarised as
follows :-
1. The fractured nature of the Creative Industries – freelancers(43%)1 and micro
companies(94%)2 dominate.
2. A lack of inclusivity is hampering talent and content creation
3. Content development has been unsupported, as opposed to talent
4. Finance and production is metro-centric, yet creative clusters and individuals
exist across the UK
5. Access to finance is severely restricted leading to a lack of UK profits
6. Marketing support for small Indie companies and individuals is lacking, limiting
export potential

BCre8ive believes we can tackle these problems as part of the government’s New Industrial Strategy but also if people in the creative industries create a network which works for everyone.

Creating a digital, service-based, network, which unites all aspects of the creative
industries with global audiences, will involve all parts of the creative pipeline,
including existing and new providers.

This network will include the following new provisions to compliment existing
services and opportunities
1. A central information portal for creative freelancers and microcompanies.
2. New Content Development Courses
3. A new network of Content Development Mentors
4. An improved portfolio investment environment
5. Development finance increases
6. Co- and Match funding for creative startups
7. A marketing package and service for freelancers and micro-companies

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